The following forms are provided to assist you and your Bethel. If you cannot find a form, or have questions, please contact us or the Grand Secretary.

2017 Proposed Amendment Information & Form

2017 Proposed Amendment Information

“NEW” Revised Bylaw Pages

SOP of SGC (green)
Constitution of GGC (green)
Bylaws of GGC (green)
SOP of GGC (green)
Constitution of BGC(green)
Bylaws of BGC(green)
SOP of BGC (green)
Constitution of Bethel (green)
Bylaws of Bethel (green)
SOP of Bethel (green)
Century Club R&R (yellow)
Miss Washington Jobs Daughters R&R (yellow)
Royal Purple R&R (yellow)
Evergreen Award R&R (yellow)
Scholarship R&R (yellow)
Lily of the Valley R&R (yellow)
Grand Bethel Bylaws R&R (lilac)
Election Procedures (cherry)
Articles of Incorporation (blue)

Updated Bylaw Pages Only

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