The following forms are provided to assist you and your Bethel in your Jobie Adventures. If you cannot find a form, or have questions, please contact us or the Grand Secretary.

Individual Daughter Forms

Accommodation Form

Media Release Form

Personal Health Form – 125a

Release, Waiver and Consent Form – 125b

New Members

 New Members Registration

We want to recognize our new members and the members who bring these great girls into Job’s Daughters.  Use our online form to tell us about new members!

Bee Hive & Jobie to Bee’s

We want to recognize our Bee Hives & Jobie to Bee’s. Please use these forms to register your Bee Hive & Bee Hive Keeper and your Bee’s.

Bee Hive & Bee Hive Keeper

Jobie to Bee’s 

MWJD 2020 Preliminary Information

MWJD Information & Preliminary Registration 2020

Pre-Registration fee of $15 if postmarked by February 17.
Pre-Registration fee of $20 if turned in at Jobie Weekend by Noon on Saturday.

References and Forms


Dress Code 2019-2020

Amendment Proposal form 2019

Promotional Grant Form

Job’s Daughters 101

Book of Ceremonies from International Site


Scholarship Application Packet 2020

Eastern Star Scholarship Application Packet 2020


Lily of the Valley Award Rules, Nomination Form & Recommendation Forms 19-20

“NEW” Knowledge Course coming soon!

“NEW” Knowledge Course coming soon!

“NEW” Knowledge Course coming soon!

Guardian Secretary Forms

Dispensation Request

Rough Draft Meeting Minutes Form

Rough Draft Council Minutes Form

Rough Draft Installation Minutes Form

Order of Business

Escort, Honors & Introductions

Expense Report

Project Planning Guide