Grand Bethel of Washington, 2022-2023

Grand Bethel is made up of Job’s Daughters from around Washington State. Our Officers are selected from Past Honored Queens (Past Presidents from our local chapters, called Bethels). Our Representatives are chosen from Job’s Daughters who are nominated by their local Bethels. These members are Representatives to States and Jurisdictions around the world.

Grand Bethel is the representative Bethel for Washington and presides at our State activities. These young ladies work together and build friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!

Emma Grace, PHQ 20
Emma Grace, PHQ 20Grand Bethel Honored Queen




Believe in Each Other


She Believed She Could, So She Did


Spring Flowers


Blue, White, Silver & Gold

Philanthropic Project

HIKE – Hearing Improvement Kids Endowment Fund


GB Traditions

M Alyxia, SP Sarah, HQ Emma Grace, JP Panda, G Alyssa
M Alyxia, SP Sarah, HQ Emma Grace, JP Panda, G Alyssa
Grand Bethel 2022 - 2023
Grand Bethel 2022 - 2023

Grand Bethel Officers

Honored Queen: Emma Grace (20)
Senior Princess: Sarah (44)
Junior Princess: Panda (5)
Guide: Alyssa (8)
Marshal: Alyxia (10)
Chaplain: Dakota (45)
Treasurer: Gabriella (38)
Recorder: Augusta (51)
Musician: Emma (57)
Librarian:Kelli (43)
1st Messenger: Ameriah (75)
2nd Messenger: Jayna (44)
3rd Messenger: Sophia (77)
4th Messenger: Briejana (75)
5th Messenger: Lillian (43)
Sr. Custodian: Mary (45)
Jr. Custodian: ()
Inner Guard: ()
Outer Guard: ()
Grand Bethel Choir: ()

Grand Bethel Representatives

Arizona: Lilly (61)
British Columbia: Blythe (28)
California # 1: Alena (10)
California #2: Ruby (8)
California #3: Cordelia G. (51)
California #4: Lizzy (45)
Colorado & New Mexico: Alex (57)
Del/Mar & Philippines: Madeline (46)
Idaho: Sami (5)
Illinois & Alberta: Calliah (30)
Indiana & Manitoba: Kaia (44)
Kansas & Kentucky: Shylia (43)
Minnesota: Celina (38)
Missouri: Emmalee (75)
Montana & Brazil: Lilliana (61)
Nebraska & Michigan: Jemma (44)
Nevada & Australia: Cordelia S. (43)
Ohio & Oklahoma: Megan (38)
Oregon: Mia (45)
Pennsylvania: Kaylee (10)
Virginia: AnnaBell (8)
Wisconsin & Wyoming: Kiayah (77)

Grand Bethel Committee

Grand Bethel Guardian:

Kathy Nieto

Associate Grand Bethel Guardian:
Ron Backman

Additional Committee Members:
Cathy Hutton
Tom Anderson
Karen Abbott
DeeDee Meyer
Jana Kempf

Finance Committee:
Marie Meyer
Kiersten Abler

Daughter Representatives to GB Committee:
Kelsea (27)
Emily (78)