Grand Guardian Council

The Grand Guardian Council is the adult advisory group that helps to lead Job’s Daughters in Washington State. The Grand Guardian Council (GGC) provides leadership training opportunities, conducts an audit of each local Bethel to ensure they are working effectively to serve their Daughters (members), and assists in planning State activities.

The Officers of the Grand Guardian Council are elected or appointed from adult volunteers around Washington as representative for the State.

Cathy Hutton (10)
Cathy Hutton (10)Grand Guardian
Chris Elsworth (77)
Chris Elsworth (77)Associate Grand Guardian

Grand Council Officers 2017-2018

Grand Guardian:  Cathy Hutton (10)
Associate Grand Guardian: Chris Elsworth (77)
Vice Grand Guardian:  Kathy Nieto (40)
Vice Associate Grand Guardian: Ron Backman (50)
Grand Guide: Peggy Rendt (12 & 43)
Grand Inner Guard: Sean Cebulla (45)
Grand Marshal: Charlene Benedict (75)
Grand Outer Guard: Doug Tucker (3 & 64)
Grand Secretary: Wendy Weitzel (53)
Grand Treasurer: Stephanie Dahl (50)
Grand Chaplain: Donna Elsworth (77)
Grand Librarian: Polly Hicks (38)
Grand Director of Music: Breanna Wilbur (28)
Grand 1st Messenger:  Tresa Sadler (77)
Grand 2nd Messenger: Candis Brink (57)
Grand 3rd Messenger: Monica Hamilton (5)
Grand 4th Messenger:  Jane Anderson (44)
Grand 5th Messenger: Jessica Kinney (10 & 25)
Grand Sr. Custodian: Ken Flournoy (8)
Grand Jr. Custodian: Todd Beam (50)




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