Grand Deputies and Ritual Deputies

The Grand Guardian Council appoints Grand Deputies or Ritual Deputies to assist Bethels around the State.

A Grand Deputy serves as a liaison between the Executive members of the Bethel Guardian Council and the Grand Guardian.  You are there to guide and advise. Get to know the Bethel and Council so that you can be a resource for them.

Your input provides the Grand Guardian with valuable insight. Our goal is to help all Bethels in the state bloom, lead, and soar.  Each Grand Deputy is encouraged to submit a monthly report on the status of the Bethel to the Grand Guardian. A Grand Deputy can also fill the role of a Ritual Deputy.

A Ritual Deputy is a resource to assist the Bethel in their Ritual work. Areas of concern that do not pertain to the Ritual should be referred to the Grand Guardian. A short update of how things are going at the Bethel should be sent to the Grand Guardian on a regular basis.

 You should work with the Bethel Guardian in all matters, setting up practices, stop and go meetings, etc.  Call the Bethel Guardian to establish goals for your involvement with the Bethel.


Grand Council Officers 2014 – 2015

Grand Guardian: Barbara Hesner (27)
Associate Grand Guardian: Bruce York (51)
Vice Grand Guardian: Theresa Buchner (45)
Vice Associate Grand Guardian: Jerry Buchner (45)
Grand Guide: Melodie Oberdorfer  (46)
Grand Inner Guard: Jeff Sorenson (77)
Grand Marshal: Catherine Hutton (10)
Grand Outer Guard:
Grand Secretary: Wendy Weitzel (53)
Grand Treasurer: Stephanie Dahl (50)
Grand Chaplin: Michelle Anderson (32)
Grand Librarian: Nicole Flouronoy (8)
Grand Director of Music: Ellie Huff (43)
Grand 1st Messenger:  Patricia Crouse (38)
Grand 2nd Messenger: Kathy Murphy (27)
Grand 3rd Messenger: Jenni Burg (3)
Grand 4th Messenger:  Jessica Oberdorfer (46)
Grand 5th Messenger: Mary Halterman (25)
Grand Sr. Custodian: Elmer Talevera (28)
Grand Jr. Custodian: Chris Elsworth (77)



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