Grand Council

Grand Guardian Council

The Grand Guardian Council is the adult advisory group that helps to lead Job’s Daughters in Washington State. The Grand Guardian Council (GGC) provides leadership training opportunities, conducts an audit of each local Bethel to ensure they are working effectively to serve their Daughters (members), and assists in planning State activities.

The Officers of the Grand Guardian Council are elected or appointed from adult volunteers around Washington as representative for the State.

Leaders 23-24
Associate Grand Guardian David Daily (38), Miss Washington Job's Daughter Augusta (51) Grand Bethel Honored Queen Gabriella (38) Grand Guardian Michelle Daily (10 & 38)
Grand Council Officers - 2023 - 2024

Grand Council Officers 2023-2024

Grand Guardian: Michelle Daily (10 & 38)
Associate Grand Guardian: David Daily (38)
Vice Grand Guardian: Susan Brady (65)
Vice Associate Grand Guardian: Rex Reardon (45 & 78)
Grand Guide: Linda Mock (55)
Grand Inner Guard: Paul Waadevig (38)
Grand Marshal: Kristen Dycus (45)
Grand Outer Guard: ()
Grand Secretary: Kathy Nieto (40)
Grand Treasurer: Glenna DeVlemming (3)
Grand Chaplain: Stacey Hamilton (3 & 78)
Grand Librarian: Erica Sullivan (28)
Grand Director of Music: Emilie Greenwell (51)
Grand 1st Messenger: Sherrie Connell (10)
Grand 2nd Messenger: Katie Bowles (77)
Grand 3rd Messenger: Heidi Hobbs (38)
Grand 4th Messenger: Desirae Kendall (3)
Grand 5th Messenger: Kay Ekeya (38)
Grand Sr. Custodian: Pete Abler (27)
Grand Jr. Custodian: David Pearson (57)

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